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We are 3 years into our relationship and a little under 3 years of LDR. I bet you have only ever really heard about the bad and the ugly of Long Distance Relationships? Well with this blog, we want to share the good that comes from it as well.

  • Bry & Marcus

The Ultimate Birthday Surprise!

Let's start with the fact Bry DOES NOT like surprises but somehow Marcus managed to get one over on her. Story time!

Marcus: Usually in the beginning of relationships, you share some personal information. One of those things are birthdays, the amazing day that you are born and Bry’s birthday is January 5. Ever since we been together, I’ve never been able to be with her on her birthday. After we came back from Dubai, (story for another post) I decided to do something really special for Bry’s birthday. At this point, I knew that surprising her would be the perfect plan. In my mind I'm like “man I'm about to get major points for this!” Once I started planning, only a few people in Memphis and Atlanta knew about the surprise but no one in Minneapolis had any idea except for one person. So I spent the rest of 2018 looking for plane tickets and figuring out the best way to surprise her. As her birthday got closer, I kept pushing her to decide what she wanted to do for her birthday but she couldn’t decide. The week of her birthday, she decided to go Laser Tagging on the Friday before (January 4). Knowing that, it gave me the perfect place to surprise her. Leading up to the surprise, I had to start planting seeds of where I would be when I was on the plane so she wouldn’t figure it out. She’s real smart so one hint and it would’ve been over. The day before, I told her that I was going to a company outing around the time she was leaving to go laser tag. Once I landed, our friend Alicia picked me up and we headed to Bry. Once we get through the door, I glanced to the right and saw someone running towards me at full speed. I looked again and it was Bry! With her running towards me all I could do was braced myself.

Bryanna: Building up to my birthday, I was kinda sad he couldn’t make it but being LDR means sometimes not spending the important dates together. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do for my birthday. I knew I wanted a massage, to do something fun, and just spend time with my MN friends. He kept asking me all week what I wanted to do so he could pay for it but I didn’t decide until like 3 days before that I wanted to go laser tagging Friday and get a massage, go to dinner, and go out Saturday night. Friday came and Marcus told me, while I was going to be at laser tag, he was going to a dinner in the middle of nowhere with his job. At first I was like okay but then my spider senses start tingling and I had to start asking questions like where is it? And who is going to be there? Finally, I had to ask for the address just incase. He knows I don’t play about safety. Now I’m getting dressed to go to laser tag, I text our friend, Alicia, like “Hey what time you plan to be there?” And she says after her kickboxing class and I’m like cool, didn’t even second guess it. Finally, I get to the laser tag place with a few friends and we get some drinks then go play a round. After we go sit in the lobby, I see Alicia’s truck pull into the parking lot. At this point, I am facing the entrance and I see Alicia walking up but she has someone with her and that person is holding something that is wrapped in bright turquoise paper. They step right under the light and my jaw drops as I saw it was Marcus! I jumped out of my seat and ran full speed at the door and before he could get 3 steps in, I was already hugging him. Even though I hate surprised I was truly surprised and impressed that he kept it that long.

LDR has many ups and downs but one of the ups is being able to surprise your partner, even though they may hates surprises lol.



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