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We are 3 years into our relationship and a little under 3 years of LDR. I bet you have only ever really heard about the bad and the ugly of Long Distance Relationships? Well with this blog, we want to share the good that comes from it as well.

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The Gifts that Give

Gift giving is another part of LDR for us. Rather it is an anniversary or birthday or just because, we love giving each other memorable gifts. We wanted to show you all the gifts we gave at each of our past 3 anniversaries. psst...Maybe this will also help you find ideas for your significant other.

Let it be known that Bryanna loves crafting. So based off of knowing that you can bet that Bryanna loves to make her gifts for Marcus. Marcus is on the less crafty side but is very thoughtful, so Marcus’ gifts are purchased but they are meaningful. It doesn’t matter which end of the spectrum you are, as long as the gift is from the heart your significant other will love it.

If you read our post "He had One, She had None" you know that Bry has never been in a serious relationship so she gives over the top gifts in excitement out of making those milestones, but now she is calming down. Her excitement over gifts also is shown in her love languages as receiving gifts is in her top 3 unlike Marcus, so that’s a love language that she tries to speak to Marcus as well. He understood that’s one of her love languages and that’s how she expresses her feelings so he openly and lovingly accepts the many handmade gifts and even has a spot on his mantel where all the gifts reside. Gift giving also ties into communication as well as love languages. The gifts given are based off what we understand and learn about each other. As you read below about each set of gifts given you can see they’re based on memories, something we learned about the other, or even a commonality.

1st Anniversary

This anniversary was based on a commonality of us both being super corny.

M: For our 1st anniversary, we actually didn't plan to do gifts. Bry was coming down to Tuskegee but had to stop in Atlanta first. So, at first we decide to just see each other in Atlanta. Before she went down to Tuskegee, she surprised me at work with some Krispy Kreme donuts. When we came back from Tuskegee, see surprised me with the gifts that she made. That's when I knew she was a keeper. My major gift for Bry, was surprising her with a fancy dinner at the Sun Dial Restaurant in Atlanta, GA.

B: For our 1st anniversary, the gift I gave him was very corny! I wanted to go for a fishing type theme so I found something similar to a tackle box and filled it with different candies with corny fishing references. I also put candy (Hershey kisses, candy corn, and laffy taffy), in little mason jars with corny notes on them. His gift to me was a nice dinner at the Sun Dial Restaurant at the top of the Westin Hotel in downtown Atlanta, GA. If you want to hear more about this anniversary you can read our post about it here.

2nd Anniversary

This anniversary was based on memories. We thought about our past 2 years and we reflected on our transition and how far we had come in LDR.

M: For our 2nd Anniversary, we weren't able to see each other until later that year. However, this time Bry knew that she wanted to go bigger. In fact, she went so big that it took her nearly 2 weeks to finish, but it was worth the time and wait. I, on the other hand, couldn't top my fancy dinner surprise but still came up with something great. I got Keychains of TN and MN made that showed a map to each other. It was great to show that even though we still in different states, we’re connected no matter what.

B: The 2nd anniversary was by far the most surprising gift for him and the most challenging for myself. I made an exploding box of memories, phrases, photos from the past 2 years. (Video below). It took me about a week to figure out what I wanted it to be filled with and look like. The second week it was all about creating. I can say it was definitely one of the most challenging art projects I’ve ever done. One thing about Marcus is that he’s consistent. Each year I get something from him and it includes a card. This year he took the simple route and gave me keychains that he knew I would always see and they would reminded of him. One keychain was of the state Tennessee with a heart and the other is a moose that says “I Moose You”. I love them and see them on my house keys everyday.

3rd Anniversary

This anniversary was based on our future, we used what we learned about each other to take a glimpse into forever.

M: I believe our 3rd anniversary was our most special one. 3 years, for both of us, is our biggest relationship milestone. I wanted to do something really special since it was our biggest milestone and 3 years being together. Once Bry got her gifts, all the emotions just ran down lol. I wrote a poem that captured our past 3 years and that leads us to the future and along with it came a card. She really likes listening to poetry, that's how we first started to connect, and then once i read it to her, she was very moved to the point of almost shedding a tear. It was amazing moment for us. Then she open the last gift. This, to me, was the best one. The box read Zales and inside were diamond earrings, because she is the brightest star in my life.

Bry couldn't top the 2nd Anniversary, so she went simple with handmade gift based off of what she knew about me. I wear a bracelet all the time so she made me a bracelet, which was also inside a box she made as well. We are still both weird and corny so she made me a little card that was the cutest thing. It was a big number 3 with the “I Love You’’ in many different languages.

B: This anniversary was a really big one! 3 years together and almost 3 years LDR. During those 3 years so much has happened and we got to the point of knowing that this relationship is forever. What do you get the person you want to spend your life with, that is meaningful and yet totally you. I thought long and hard about this gift because I wanted it to show what I noticed about him which was that he wears bracelets so I made him one. A card in the shape of a ‘3’ was out of corniness but the the 3 was filled with I love you in multiple language (Side note: I love Chinese culture and love Chinese tv dramas so when he say I love you in Mandarin he could only laugh and smile.) The folded card was something I wanted to give to remind him that LDR is only temporary.

When I opened the gift from him, the 1st thing I opened was the card which was nice but the poem he wrote was so good that it almost moved me to tears. It reflected on the past 3 years while talking about our future together. Then the icing on the cake were the diamond earrings not because they were diamond but because of what they meant coming from him. I don’t wear earrings often but when I do those are my go to.

Like we said above each set of gifts given was based on memories, something we learned, or a commonality. Each gift given built up our communication and overall, helped build intimacy. Intimacy is more than physical. It can be mental, emotional, spiritual connection. It goes back to knowing the other person’s favorites to least favorites, highs to lows, and happy memories to sad memories. What type of gifts do you give your significant other?



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