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We are 3 years into our relationship and a little under 3 years of LDR. I bet you have only ever really heard about the bad and the ugly of Long Distance Relationships? Well with this blog, we want to share the good that comes from it as well.

  • Bry & Marcus


So let us tell you the story of how an Atlanta boy and a St. Louis girl met, fell in love, and took the step towards being in love forever:

Because our 3 year anniversary was in February and Marcus’ birthday was in April, we decided to take a trip in May to celebrate. Memphis was actually our 3rd choice but it turned out to be the best choice. Marcus picked Bry up from the airport that Thursday evening. Immediately after, he took her to his fav local bar to have some good ole Crawfish. This lit up Bryanna's heart and eyes when she knew about this.

Friday was a great day. We took a day trip to Nashville, TN. Marcus drove the whole way there, which is big for him. Our main event was going to TopGolf. We both never been so this was a first for everything. We spent nearly 2 hours there but it was just awesome and relaxing. Bry claims that she won the first game, but if you look at the score, Marcus really won but we agree to disagree. After we left there, Bry wanted to go see the Parthenon and by see we mean take pictures in front of it, lots of pictures. Basically a mini photoshoot.

Saturday was a special day for many reasons. Half the day we just sat at home and just enjoyed our time together. Also, we (mainly Bry) cooked wings, green beans, and mashed potatoes… So good! Later we had dinner reservations that Marcus put together at this fancy restaurant in downtown Memphis. Flight Restaurant was by far the nicest and welcoming place we’ve both been to. If you’re ever in Memphis, this is a nice, romantic place to go eat at. We both tried something new from wine to food to desserts. It turned out to be a great experience and great date.

The Proposal

After dinner, Marcus said that we had to kill time before we went to his friends house for Couples Game Night. So we drove by the Civil Rights Museum (Lorraine Motel) to kill some time. Once we got to their house, of course Bry wanted a mini photo shoot and being the amazing man Marcus is, he made it happen. So we go inside and chat it up for a little while and then start playing the Heads Up game, where you put the phone on your head and your team has to get you to guess what the word is. We played a couple rounds and then someone said “Let's play it on the TV”. I kid you not, both of us look confused like “How can you play the game on a TV?” So Jean pulled up a video and it was a video that Marcus made for Bry. The video had all or nearly all the photos we’ve ever taken since day 1 of our relationship in celebration of our 3rd Anniversary. The video was full of laughter, tears and embarrassing moments. At the end of the video Marcus said “I have one more thing for you.” Once the video ended, he walking Bry over to this fireplace and started saying how much he loves and cares about her in his own weird way…

But pause... Bry took her shoes off since her feet were hurting so in the midst of Marcus’ speech Bry said “Should I put my shoes back on?” lol Now watch the video below to see the rest of the proposal.

You may ask why was Bryanna so surprised when she turned around, it’s because her 4 best-friends and sister were standing there! Bry was truly surprised and happy. Afterward, we had a toast to us and our friends who helped Marcus plan the proposal. Then we partied for a little while but her friends had to get back to St.Louis.

Sunday, we went to church and to the movies to see Aladdin. Aladdin was way better than the low hype it got. Great job to Will Smith. After some newly engaged us time, we went live on both Facebook and Instagram to make an official announcement (Missed it? You can find it on our Facebook page). Now after 2 weeks of being engaged, Wedding planning is definitely underway! #ItNeverPhelpsSoRight



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