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We are 3 years into our relationship and a little under 3 years of LDR. I bet you have only ever really heard about the bad and the ugly of Long Distance Relationships? Well with this blog, we want to share the good that comes from it as well.

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In the beginning...

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

In the beginning, there was…nothing and then there was light and dark and oceans and birds and stuff and then there was US!!! (New Girl Season 3 Episode 13) No, but really the beginning of our story starts with Tuskegee, our friends, and a party.

B’s View: There was the annual January party and ladies were 2 for $5. My sorority sisters wanted to go but I did not, like usual. After some hardcore negotiation, I was promised FREE entry and FREE alcohol all night, thus I decided to go. I go back to my apartment and ask my roommate to help me get ready and she picked out my outfit, did my hair and did my make-up...best roommate ever! (See pics below) I’m all ready to go do a little pre-gaming then head to the club. We go inside and we meet up with some friends. As apart of the deal, the drinks started flowing and I take sips of all of my friend’s drinks so obviously I get drunk. After a while of dancing, all of my friends are standing in a circle and this guy who is a friend of a friend comes back with a drink in his hand. Welp since he was hanging with us, I figure why not ask for a sip so I did and he gave me some while looking super confused. Then back to dancing I went, but I remember dancing with this guy who asked me my name and his voice sounded familiar. I told him my name and then later, very politely, he ask for my number. I almost said no, but it was so polite I couldn't say no. Party’s over and I go home. Next day, I’m at dance practice and I see a text from a random number so after practice I responded and haven’t stopped responding since. Who says you can’t find your significant other in the club lmao. MP: A lot of people. A lot of people definitely say that but hey...

M’s View: A cold day on January 29th, 2016. Being a person that is not a fan of the cold, I was wearing a long sleeve shirt throughout the day. I was hanging out at my friend’s house as they were pre-gaming for the annual January party at the club that night. I initially said I wasn't going because I didn't want to pay $5 to go. After a few shots and another friend offering to give me money to go, I agreed. Mind you, it was January and freezing outside; well more like 40 degrees. We get in and one of my friends said that her sorority sisters are there too. So we’re all dancing and strolling to songs and just having fun while sweating a lot. Then, everyone was gathering around in a circle with drinks in their hand, when I came back with mine. Suddenly, this random girl asked me for my drink that I had just got seconds before. At first, I was hesitant but she was fine so I gave it to her. We all started dancing again and I go ask her sorority sister for her name and if she was single. Lucky for me she was, so I had the green light and I went to danced with her for a while. Before the night was out, I asked her for her name and number, like a gentleman of course. She gave me a weird look at first but still gave me her number. We all left out the club and went our separate ways. The next morning a group of my friends were headed to Columbus, GA and on the way down I figured I’d text this girl. I did but didn't get a response until 4 hrs later. Luckily there was a good reason why and we’ve been talking ever since.

There's always a reason why life happens the way it does. The previous year we were actually at the same house party and didn't even know. Crazy right? However, we’re still thankful that we met at the time that we did. It's always God's plan!



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