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We are 3 years into our relationship and a little under 3 years of LDR. I bet you have only ever really heard about the bad and the ugly of Long Distance Relationships? Well with this blog, we want to share the good that comes from it as well.

  • Bry & Marcus

He Had Some, She Had None

When you are dating, people often fill that they have to hide their full dating history. Often people think that ALL past relationships don’t matter. For example, that guy you “dated” in middle school and wrote his name all over your notebook is just as important as the semi-serious relationship in college that lasted 1 year. It's important to know the past of someone. When you know their past, you understand more of who they are and what their life has been like.

BH: In the past, I “dated” but I wouldn't consider them relationships. Those were the typical, I needed a date to prom or homecoming plus I think you’re cute so will you go with me and let's try this dating thing but those lasted what, a month? Maybe 2? In college, I tried dating but let’s be honest, most guys in college don’t want a relationship; they want to hookup, which never worked for me. In fact, I knew I wasn’t going to play the sleep around game but I didn't know that I wanted something serious either. I talked to a total of 3 guys before Marcus and in my head, I knew they weren’t the one but they were fun to hang out with in the mean time. My senior year is when I realized I wanted something serious, and I knew the only way to do that was to be intentional. I began being intentional on who I gave my time to and being honest about the ENDGAME...marriage. When it came to Marcus, our initial discussions and interactions were just incomparable, maybe it was due to us putting everything out in the open immediately or maybe it’s due to him being the person I think I’m suppose to marry. I mentioned before that I was hesitant going into long distance but it was because I had heard some many bad stories not because I couldn’t see myself with him for the long run.

As you can see, long term relationships wasn't a normal thing for Bryanna. Even though, that’s true, she still knew what she wanted in a relationship. Marcus, on the other hand, had a pretty serious relationship prior to us getting together.

MP: After what I consider was my first relationship in high school, I knew that if I was to get in a relationship, it was for the long run. Part of that, I can say, is from how I was raised and how I saw my parents marriage throughout the years. Once I got to college, I knew that for me a relationship leading towards marriage was the ENDGAME. I had a few temporary relationships throughout college but the most serious one lasted a little over a year. I truly thought that she was the one and that everyone else was wrong about us. When you’re in something serious, you tend to be blinded by emotions and refuse to hear what people around you are seeing. After that relationship ended, I realized that I was just holding on to whatever I could because I was invested in it for the long haul. However, none of my past relationships compare to what I have with Bryanna now. I knew this was someone I could see myself being with forever, seeing as we have been able to do long distance for 3 years now. Long distance not only shows you who you are but also teaches you lessons such as the importance of having a strong foundation.

So, if you read our last post on how we met, we’re sure you’re wondering was meeting each other in the club intentional? The answer was NO! As you read, we were drunk and barely remember the party but the intentional part became relevant when we began texting. As we were getting to know each other, we let it be known that we were virgins and planned to be until marriage. We let each other know we wanted something that could turn serious and this relationship is meant to last forever. So, going into our relationship with these things out in the open, we knew we would have a chance at long distance but at the time, we didn’t know we were being intentional. Now, looking back, we saw that it laid out the foundation of B&M.



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