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We are 3 years into our relationship and a little under 3 years of LDR. I bet you have only ever really heard about the bad and the ugly of Long Distance Relationships? Well with this blog, we want to share the good that comes from it as well.

  • Bry & Marcus

Beginning of our Journey as One

4th of July Weekend 2019 was one for the books! This was the weekend of wedding venue tours, engagement photos, family time, and dates.

Our weekend was suppose to begin on Wednesday, July 3rd but July 2nd was the biggest curve ball that started it off.

We were both super excited for the weekend to finally get here. We spent days and nights picking outfits and planning stuff to do so the countdown to the fun was almost at zero. Marcus has been involved in a corporate basketball tournament with his company for the past month and a half. They play a game each Tuesday night so July 2nd Marcus was playing in the game and while he went for the ball, the other player elbowed him in the mouth. Come to find out that his front tooth was broken in half… great! Broken tooth and engagement photos on Friday. Ya'll should've heard Bry’s voice and seen the look on her face when I told her...just picture pure horror. After Bry’s shock was over, panic set in because now Marcus needs an emergency root canal immediately but who has opening? How much? How long will it take? None the less, He got an appointment and got it fixed Wednesday but it was a little late to drive to St. Louis so now he wasn’t coming until the 4th of July.

4th of July was a day full of fun with Bry’s Dad side of the family. We hung at the house and ate good food and enjoyed everyone’s company. That night we went to a friend of Bry’s parent’s house to watch and set off fireworks. This was definitely a learning experience for us because Bry likes to set off fireworks, like who doesn’t like to fire off a few roaming candles but Marcus only likes to watch and not touch. Why you ask? Marcus says “I did fireworks one time in the past with my dad. Never again.” It was a joyous time for Bry but she was also uneasy about Marcus as he didn’t want to participate. He barely wanted to sit outside next to them. This brought up a conversation of when we have kids, will we allow them to do fireworks? Will he participate if they do? All questions for later in life but all good points.

Friday began the real fun...engagement photos AND wedding venue touring!!

Bry spent weeks looking for looks and outfits for our photos. We finally agreed on a couple of looks so we went ahead and booked the photographer. We both went shopping for each article of clothing and everything was set until Bry got her dress she ordered in the mail. It was ugly and fit like an apron.” She had 3 days to find a new dress that matched the look we wanted. Luckily after hours of searching online and 2 hours of running around the mall, she found the perfect dress. Crisis #1 Resolved. Crisis #2: We got custom shirts made so when Bry picked them up, she checked the design and took them home. It wasn’t until she got home, she realized they gave her two ladies fit shirt not one ladies and one unisex. Luckily, this crisis was quickly fixed with a simple call to the t-shirt shop. It was resolved and in less than 24 hours, Bry had the correct shirt. We were officially ready for photos!

Now engagement photo time! We had so much fun doing photos even in the heat and a little rain. Bry was overjoyed that Marcus enjoyed himself as well. (He is not a photo person). We are excited to see how they turned out.

Oh the joy of an engaged couple looking for a place to have their wedding. The look, location, style, and colors all deciding factors of a yes or no. We are looking for our wedding to be late August 2020 so a little over a year away but everyone knows the venue is the MOST important thing to book. We had a visit set for 3 places on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Place #1 was good but Marcus had some reservations about it. Place #2 was a NO as soon as we walked in the building. Place #3 was our favorite from the space to the style all the way to the options offered. It was really fun and surreal walking through these spaces and talking to each other about how we felt and what we liked/disliked. Everyone says planning is stressful but you have to enjoy it together so that’s what we did.

As part of the plan of us having the weekend in St. Louis of course we had to have date night. There were a couple issues & misunderstandings that threw a wrench in a couple of the plans but we still made it happen. The issue you ask was because of Marcus’ tooth being a temporary tooth thanks to the root canal he couldn’t eat like normal so bye-bye nice dinner. Oh now, the misunderstanding you ask was Marcus told Bry he wanted to go to Spider-man: Far From Home together and go to dinner but somehow Bry didn’t realize that meant a date although Marcus thought it was clear. Bry found out her sister wanted to go see it too so she invited her along so bye-bye date. After the misunderstanding, Bry had to make it up and come up with a good date idea that he would love. Her idea...BOWLING!

If you know Marcus, then you know that he loves to bowl. So when Bry said "You want to go bowling?", just imagine the surprised look on his face. Pure joy! We went to this cool little place, she knew he would enjoy called Flamingo Bowl, that had a few lanes and a bar. Good food, drinks, and fun. That is until Bry started and ended up winning the first game. We both were in shock. Why you ask? Because she doesn’t bowl due to her long nails and she actually bowled this day. Then the second game happened and Marcus won but we needed to break the tie. All in all, Marcus took home the win. Moral of the story though, don't underestimate your partner/significant others skills, they could be hiding them from you.

4th of July weekend was a chance to hang with family, enjoy each other company, and begin our wedding adventures. Like we said in the beginning, it was one for the books!

PS: The bride is always Right. Oh and more fun stuff Marcus’ hub cap fell off randomly at a Red light.

PSS: We forgot to mention that Marcus let Bry drive his car all weekend. When we say that was a major step it was like Neil Armstrong “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" type of thing.

PSSS: Be on the lookout for more wedding shenanigans and closing the gap stories!



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