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We are 3 years into our relationship and a little under 3 years of LDR. I bet you have only ever really heard about the bad and the ugly of Long Distance Relationships? Well with this blog, we want to share the good that comes from it as well.

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90 Day LDR Challenge?

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Bing in a long distance relationship, we find out that a lot of people around the world are in the same situation and with that comes many ideas to keep your LDR interesting and fun. One of those ideas is doing a 90 Day LDR Challenge. We follow quite a bit of LDR pages on IG and they were the inspiration for us adding this challenge to our future posts list. The 90 Day LDR Challenge is 90 questions that we answer over 90 days that give us a chance to show some of the smaller details of our relationship! Stay tuned everyday at 12pm to see what challenge of the day we have and what juicy info about us you may find out about 👀👀👀.

Post start tomorrow, September 17th a 12, noon! Don’t have an Instagram...check back here on this post weekly for an update!

Day 1: Introduce yourselves! What are your names, and ages and what do you both look like (post pics!)? Bryanna Hill, 24 Marcus Phelps, 27

Day 2: Where do you both live, how many miles/kilometers apart are you, and what’s the time difference? Bry lives in Minneapolis, MN & Marcus lives in Memphis, TN. Same time zone but...858 Miles apart.

Day 3: How long have you two been together?

We have been together 3 years and 7 months. Read the post, #ItNeverPhelpsSoRight to read how we celebrated our 3 year anniversary.

Day 4: What was your first impression of him/her?

  • My first impression of Marcus: Based on how he asked for my number I knew he was polite but based off our texting I knew he was super sweet. Then, after we hung out, I could see he was respectful, tall, corny, and passionate for God!

  • My first impression of Bry: I first saw her as this fine, short thang of dark chocolate. Really sarcastic but incredibly smart too. A chill, down to earth woman that had a fiery passion for God and just learning new things in life and about me as well. Oh, we can’t forget about how corny she is too, but that’s probably the main thing that drew me closer to her.

Day 5: How did you meet? Tell us your story!

If you want to know how, well it’s a great story so go check out our post, In the Beginning!

Day 6: How often do you see each other in person? What about over video chats?

Lately we have been seeing each other almost every other month which is weird since it’s usually 4 times a year max. This year we have seen each other in January, May, July, and August, so far but we have plans to see each other September, possibly November and December! We do also video chat occasionally. Mainly to see each others smile.

Day 7: What was it like the first time you two talked?

  • Bry: It was interesting, like usual when you beginning talking to someone. I am a person that once I’m comfortable with you that, you will know everything and it was weird that I was immediately comfortable with Marcus. Therefore, we got to know each other very well very quickly.

  • Marcus: Dido to what Bry said but I kinda kept my full weirdness and what now tucked away at first. However, Bry definitely brought it out of me.

Day 8: Do you two have a song, or a song that reminds of you of them right now?

We don’t have a song but we have songs that definitely remind us of each other!

  • B: When I hear really any James Authur or “I Don’t Care” by Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber, it makes me think of Marcus and remember when we first started dating.

  • M: When I hear an Alessia Cara song, I think back to the early days when we were chilling/studying at her place on campus. Also, Bruno Mars song “Treasure” makes me think of the treasure I have in my future wife!

Day 9: What are your favorite pictures of each other?

  • B: My favorite pic of Marcus is from when we went to Dubai and we had gotten photos taken. He was so happy and it was pure #BlackBoyJoy

  • M: My favorite pic is ...well I don’t have a favorite picture. There are too many great and corny moments to choose from. I even made a video with barely half the photos of her and it was 9 minutes long. That just shows how beautiful she is.

Day 10: Write a little letter to yourself about what you hope for your relationships in the next few weeks.

  • Bry: My hope for our relationship is that we grow more over these coming weeks. Since we have been engaged we have grown so much but there is so much more I think we need to do to have a truly successful and happy marriage. I am looking forward to learning more and hearing more about him as we grow and mature.

  • Marcus: So I completely agree with what Bry said. I do want to add that my hope is that we continue to find new ways to “fall in love’’ with each other as well. There are still many new things that we’re learning about one another and my hope is that those things bring us closer in many ways as we grow.

Day 11: Name 5 random things about your partner!

  • Facts about Marcus: 1. He loves the ATL Falcons (really all ATL teams) 2. He wears glasses but only outside; He doesn’t wear them once he’s indoors. 3. He doesn’t chew Gum. 4. He loves Cinnabon. 5. He doesn’t have any favorites well he has a favorite color which is green but no others!

  • Facts about Bry: 1. She likes to make random noises, at random times too. 2. She can’t drink non-hot drinks that are really cold; not ice at all. 3. She is a Green Bay Packers fan only because of her aunt. 4. She ALWAYS has to sleep with the fan on. 5. She can recite her favorite movie scenes without looking at the screen

Day 12: How did you tell your family and friends about your relationship? Were they supportive? What about your partner? We told our parents over the phone but we announced it like most millennials...on facebook. Marcus first met Bry’s parents at her graduation (May 2016) and then Bry did the same at Marcus’ graduation (July 2016). They were a little weary because they knew Bry was moving to Minnesota after graduation but they were supportive of our plans.

Day 13: What are some things you two have in common? We don't really have much in common but...

- We both like anything corny.

- We both are not huge fans of cold weather (even though Bry lives in Minneapolis)

- We both like Marvel movies and Disney

- We like to travel

- We both love to eat

Day 14: What was your first kiss like?

  • Bry: No-words...

  • Marcus: It was definitely special!

Day 15: What are your favorite things to do together when you’re apart? Movie Night!!!

More updates to come!



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